our job is to


We love to learn and meet people. People tell us things. Sometimes they like us back and want to discover who we are. Often it matures into a routine. A routine we appreciate and never take for granted.


Never settle

Reaching for greatness makes our life hard but never dull. We are not a timid kind and will never settle for average. Life is great and we make every day count.



Giving life to ideas, shapes to concepts and meaning to people. It's what makes us tick. It's what we do, it's how we fight.


Visual Identity

Art Direction

Digital Animation



Mobile App Design




Music Production

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Content Development

Branded Environments

Exhibition Design


Brand Stewardship

Brand Architecture

Gaming Design

Design Platforms

Artur Felicijan, M.A.


Is the founding partner of the Felicijan Sedmak design and production studio.

A true wine enthusiast, he is well known for his musical talents, graphic designs and provocative thinking.


Artur's creative directions guide the development of visual identities, brand campaigns, product packaging and video concepts. He also leads the firm's involvement in Alter-ego projects keeping it fresh and original.

Andraž Sedmak, M.A.


Founded Felicijan Sedmak together with Artur in 2008.

A surf addict with talents spending from animation to graphic design, video and visual identities.


From motion pictures and commercial ads to complex animation and post-production. These are all Andraž's specialties although he is very cozy with creative concepts and visual identities as well.

Alen Felicijan


Joined FS studio early after its inception to help with clients and managing projects. He is a skilled copywriter with strategic point of view.


Beside doing laps in the swimming pool, brand development and research are his favorite sports.