alter ego

Some things do not fit in our Projects folder. They are too good for that.

modrosti in skrivnosti

portrait of a creative director

Few are areas where so much bullshit and fake bravado is passed around as 'know-how', 'content marketing' or 'expertise', as in the world of creative agencies and design studios.

With a growing online community of douche-bags and other #out-of-the-box assholes, we have decided to pitch in with our own piece of advice, a superintelligent video, featuring non other than our co-founder and acting guru - Artur. He delivered a perfect performance allowing us once again to have a good laugh at our own expense. Beware this marble of self-deprecation is in Slovene language with CC in English provided, respectively.


beautifully extreme

Artur's music project Dekadent is a representation of individual expression, based on the foundations of extreme metal music. Not limited by any musical genre, the art of Dekadent does not avoid tasting the beauty and splendor of melody and exploiting it's emotional vastness. It is not corrupted by the ideals of commercialism as it stands true to creativity and originality no matter the mainstream or public criteria.


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lehmann felicijan

A micro winery

We always wanted our own wine brand and the focus of Lehmann Felicijan is in developing a brand based on indigenous Slovene varietals, namely Zelen and Pinela. These low-yielding vines have survived centuries in harsh and windy Vipava Valley making its wines an exquisite autochthon specialty and a true rarity worldwide.
But seriously, what's better than having access to unlimited bottles of fantastic wine.


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tooth frenzy

an ios game for experienced fingers

We invite you to the world of dirty pirates and stolen treasure. With magic toothpaste, coins and special bonuses help monkey to clean pirates and keep them away from the treasure.


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la ruota della morte

in-house adult animation

These 2D animations are all about our transgressive love for Apple's infamous Wheel of Death. Again, making fun is what we know best and who better to point it at than the merciless wheel. Fooling around in Italian is even sweeter and while all four episodes have a common thread, each was pulled out of the hat and made for instant gratificationï¾ only.


Power Sounds aus Oberkrain!

It's the bomb! Mixing alpine folk music - hugely popular in our local area - with metal, rock and punk is a bit much, but that's how we like it. Fun experiment fit only for the open-minded and heavily intoxicated feminists. With mountains of meats and rivers of beer, the party is on. Purists and SJWs most welcome.


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