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planetA singli

sfx & postproduction for a hit film

Planet Single is not just another Polish romantic comedy. The film will not cause anyone's depression nor rage attack. This is the romantic comedy which viewers truly deserve:
tailored from the world's best models, touching and full of whimsical humor.


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content distribution platform done right

Mediabiz has set industry standards in cable network distribution, Pay TV subscriber metrics, and cable franchise boundary mapping. Services begin with comprehensive data collection activities, tapping a full array of public and private information sources.


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planet tv

the next step in tv channel identity

Planet TV is the youngest commercial television in Slovenia. It is dynamic and ambitious, suited for the urban and modern population.


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WINE branding

to each wine its own.

Carefully considered lettering, selective colour palette and temperate symbolism are the key ingredients for creation of our next designed label. Additions like paper quality and subtle finishes in print are important final and sometimes the most important touches we never dare to neglect.


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exploring home appliances in a modern way

Gorenje Group is one of the leading European home appliance manufacturers with history spanning more than 60 years. Their global presence is built on two brands: Gorenje, which includes the entire range of home products of the upper-mid price range, and Asko, which is positioned as a global premium brand.


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haute exhaust technology on video

Akrapovič is the choice of motorsport champions. In the last 20 years over 90 world champions have chosen Akrapovič premium exhausts. Whether MotoGP or the gruelling 24-hour Nürburgring, it has to be Akrapovič. We had the privilege to work on a number of videos with one of industry's most innovative companies.


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wine notes

connoisseur's wine app

Wine Notes is an iPhone App made up of wine enthusiasts and wine professionals reaching a worldwide audience. Wine Notes users have the ability to store their ratings, photos, aromas, and tasting notes for a complete wine experience.


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a Car show with character

The most popular automotive show on Slovenian TV networks has been introducing all that is fun, new and interesting in the exciting automotive industry. The weekly show is well known and respected for its expert reviews and car tests.


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gold club

smart design for smart roulettes

This company has specialized in the manufacturing of intelligent automated electronic roulettes and video slot machines. All products are internally developed using processes that continually improve, upgrade and change.


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troja caffe

start your day with perfect coffee

The key for making a great espresso is a good coffee blend. For several decades now Troja Caffe is considered as one of the very best independent coffee brands in Slovenia. Their sophisticated mixtures of top-quality coffee beans bring pleasure to countless homes and cafes around the countr


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alpine luxury living

It's not everyday that we get to create a real-estate booklet for a spectacular piece of property, like Yasna Resort and Development. The booklet is designed to bring forward the exclusivity of the natural beauty and architecture of the estate.


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Tadej Vodičar

A Modern Law Office

A small and independent law firm can have a hard time establishing a distinguishing image amongst the competition who has been out there chasing cases for decades. That is why we took a modern and daring route when we began designing for Tadej Vodičar Law Office.


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